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Sandtrooper Costume guidlines

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Sandtrooper Costume guidlines

Post by Guest on Thu 10 Jun 2010, 12:37


A Sandtrooper must have the following:
- White Sandtrooper (or modified Stormtrooper) armor, made in ABS, HIPS, or Fiberglass.
- Black Gloves
- Black undersuit, either one-piece or two piece. Non-textured material. Commonly used items include UnderArmour, or dance unitards.
- White, ankle high, laceless, Stormtrooper boots. The boots are usually made from Leather, or Vinyl, with small U-shaped elastic sections on either side of the ankle, and an approx. Zipped boots will be judged on merit however a strip of material should obscure the zip completly
- Desert Backpack(Optional), styled after the ANH sandtrooper packs. They are comprised of two main boxes, that are the approximate width of the backplate. The boxes are adorned with various smaller boxes, and canisters. Visual references can be provided on request
- Dirt, accomplished by a number of painting techniques. Most common & accurate being a multi-layer treatment of either tempera, or matte acrylic paint. Other methods include, but are not limited to; Spray paint & sanding (usually multi-layered), application of sand or actual dirt is also acceptable but will require a sealant once applied
- Pauldron (Black, Orange, or White) Made from vinyl or leather. (available from numerous Ebay sellers, again refer to 'trusted sellers' section in forum)
- Black Leather, Vinyl, or Canvas Ammunition Pouches (MP40, MP38, or similarly styled) Worn on the left shoulder, and also on the belt. (see above for sources)
- Flat rectangular detail, with smaller horizontally oriented rectangle centered on width, and towards the top of the larger rectangle, on abdominal plate. (On stormtroopers this is the buttons & ridges part)
- Diamond Knee plate. Six sided (hexagon) mounted onto a five-sided diamond shape, with a point on the bottom. This plate is located on the wearers left knee, attached to the shin part of the armor. (visual reference can be supplied on request, whilst not an absoloute requirement it is recommended for the complete accurate look)
- Flat green helmet lenses, made from lighting gel material, or most sandtroopers use green welders mask face shield.
- BFG. MG34 (DLT19), Lewis Gun (T21), or MG15 (unnamed in SW galaxy). These weapons may be scratch-built, resin cast, hyperfirm rubber cast, vaccum-formed, or real demilitarized guns (be aware de activated weapons may cause clearance problems at certain troops with local police..ie Manchester Airport).

A Sandtrooper should have the following:
(These are Highly recommended, but not absoloute requirment)
- No thermal detonator.
- Canvas belt.
- E11 blaster, scratch-built, resin cast, hyperfirm rubber cast, or modified toy blaster.
- No drop boxes (small rectangular parts attached to stormtroopers belts, above the thigh)
- No black lines in grey teardrops or vents of helmet.
- No ribbed shoulder straps. (Sandtrooper chest and back are attached from within via soft straps, and do not have the plastic ribbed straps like stormtroopers)
- Four teethcut out on either side of helmet frown

A Sandtrooper may have the following:
(These are optional. They are accepted, but not required)
- Dewback Prod. The prod is a black pole, approx 96" long, with metal details at both ends. (Many opt for a shorter length, for basic reasons ie getting it to and from troops)
- Dimpled handbacks. Dimpled Handbacks are worn by several troops in ANH, and are approximately rectangular, and have a pattern of pill-shaped indentations.
- Grey Pauldron.
- E11 holster. (Sandtroopers did not use E11 holsters in ANH, )
- Macrobinoculars. Styled after those used in the Special Edition.( there is a supplier of these for about £30 in resin kit form on the replica prop forum)

The following costume modifications are encouraged:
- Hinged cod piece.
- ANH styled helmet.
- Helmet CPU fans.
- Voice amplifier and/or voice changer.
- Black Hovi-Mix cast tusks


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Re: Sandtrooper Costume guidlines

Post by littlechaos on Thu 17 Jul 2014, 19:09

re.ab buttons 501st state a minimum of 3 max of 4 wich does the clearance team prefare
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