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Imperial Gunner/Egineer Costume guide/ rough draft Empty
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Imperial Gunner/Egineer Costume guide/ rough draft

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Imperial Gunner/Egineer Costume guide/ rough draft Empty Imperial Gunner/Egineer Costume guide/ rough draft

Post by Guest on Fri 11 Jun 2010, 17:22

An Imperial Gunner/Engineer must have the following:

• Imperial Gunner Helmet – Altmann’s, Custom, based on the WWII Navy Mk II Style helmet. The helmet is black to match the flight suit with a darkened visor that hides the wearers facial features while still allowing for visibility.

• White Cog – centered on front top of helmet. Silver is acceptable. Approximately 2.8 inches in diameter but must be proportinal to the helmet

• Commlink Box – left side of helmet
• Square Blue Button – top front of commlink, plastic material
• Round Red Button – bottom front of comlink (can be plastic screwcap style)
• White Button – side of Commlink (can be plastic screwcap style)

• 2 Black Snap Covers – above white button - plastic material
• 2 Silver/White Square Buttons – top of Commlink - plastic material
• Antenna – top rear behind 2 silver/white buttons
• Black Cloth Neckseal to cover visible skin on the neck

• One piece Black Jumpsuit with pockets. This can be a military style flightsuit or black work coveralls. If armor is not worn the front zippers must NOT be visible


Black Leather Jacket - quilted texture– ANH

Body Armor:

• Soft Armor - Black Pauldron (storm trooper style but matt black) – draped over front chest
(Black Strap wrapped around back and fastened to front sides of pauldron)

This may be worn over the jacket. It was in the movie!!!

• Black Chest Armor – there are 2 styles of hard armor for the gunner

- Stormtrooper style chest armor – Stormtrooper chest and back plate pieces
along with the ridged plastic straps that fit over the collar bone.

- Non TK-style chest armor - similar to TK chest and back plate but with 4 indented
grooves on each side of the front near the strap area. The grooves are diagonal
and get longer as one moves down the piece. The back plate itself is flattened
without the TK detailing like the TIE backplate.

• No Armor - with the Black Leather Jacket– ANH


• No Armor - ANH (ther was a movie gunner who was shown wearing no gloves or boots and had a jumpsuit!!!!)


• No Armor - ROTJ

• 2 Black Leather or leatherlike gloves , Guantlet style, nontextured, enclosed fingered
- No buckles, straps, decorative stitching, etc.

• Belt – approximately 2 inch wide made from black leather or leather like material
- up to 3 inches wide is acceptable

• Buckle – silver brushed metal or metal like material
- The size should be 2 5/8" (66.7 mm) high and 4 1/8" (104.5 mm) wide with 0.5" (12.7 mm) radius rounded corners.
- canon buckles have slightly curved corners
- the buckle has an "Imperial Code Disk" greeblie in the middle

• Boots – black laceless calf high boots
- with either a buckle at the top or buckle less
- free of other decorative ornamentation
- German Jack boot style are most used
- Equestrian style and other similar boots are accepted
- for the non-armored gunner black laceless shoes are worn

An Imperial Gunner/Engineer should have the following:
(These are recommended, but not required)

• 3.5" White Imperial cog patch on black on each shoulder (silver accepted)
- placed about 1 inch (25mm) below the shoulder seam

An Imperial Gunner/Engineer may have the following:
(These are optional. but not required)

• Black Balaclava - to cover face and neck areas from view
• Helmet Fans – small fans for cooling the helmet. Must be hidden from view

• 2 Code Cylinders – silver chalk holder style, located in top left shoulder pocket. The top dome of each cylinder is coloured blue

• 2 Utility Boxes – silver, vertical on both sides of buckle
- Dimensions are about 2 1/2" (63.5 mm) by 4 1/2" (114.3 mm) by 1" (25.4 mm) thick.

• Blaster – E-11, DH-17, DH-44 or other Imperial issue of sidearm.
• Holster – Black or Brown leather/leather like material constructed to fit the chosen side arm

• Voice Amplifier for communication

• Lighted com box buttons (as long as they are the same colors as described in helmet description above)


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