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Snowtrooper guide

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Snowtrooper guide Empty Snowtrooper guide

Post by Guest on Fri 18 Jun 2010, 13:48

Snowtrooper (SN) must have the following:
Snowtrooper guide S1

1. White / Off-White Duster - Must be made of a medium to heavy weight material that "pills" after wear. Duster should extend down to at least the tops of the boots but no further than the top of the ankle. Corners of the duster are rounded. Duster should include belt loops for belt.
Snowtrooper guide S4

2. White / Off-White Gloves – Gardening gloves are movie accurate, however other white gloves (parade gloves, dress gloves, leather gloves) are acceptable.

3. Boots - Canadian Mukluk boots with or without the inside liner. Three 1 to 1-1/4" straps must be added to the upper portion of the boots. Laces optional. Straps are riveted with one rivet per strap in the back of the boot.
Snowtrooper guide S2

4. Armor consisting of:
(1) Chest -Must include painted details including several squares in the recessed area, red and gray accents on the right side, and a gray square on the left side. Box section must have a three button "rank bar" mounted on top, with a silver backing and two slotted screws holding it in place. A "t-piece" is also required in the recessed area.
(1) Backpack - Must include decals or painted details as shown in the reference photos
(2) Shoulders - raised boxes to the bottom. Shoulders are connected directly to the duster
(2) Shoulder Straps - overlap the top of the chestplate
(2) Forearms - Snowtroopers have two different forearms, however placement is not consistent, therefore either forearm may be worn on either arm. Forearms must also have an unadorned curved wrist strap around the bottom of each.
(2) Handplates
(1) Ab Plate / Belt Buckle. Belt passes through slots on narrowed sections on the side. A silver or gray button must be in the center. Belt Buckle may be worn with sloped section up or down, however the button piece must be placed so the single dot is toward the angled side and the two dots are towards the straight side.
(1) Cod Piece - To be worn UNDER the duster
Snowtrooper guide S1
(2) Knees
Snowtrooper guide S3

- All armor should be either molded in glossy white ABS, or painted a glossy white paint. If armor is from different sources, it is recommended that all pieces be painted to match.
- Armor does not have to be weathered. If weathering is preferred, black wash is an example of an acceptable weathering technique.
- Armor made of ABS, Styrene and Fiberglass are all acceptable. Other materials may be accepted if they properly replicate the "glossy plastic" look on screen.

5. Belt, pouches and detonator -Detonator is centered on the back of belt. Belt is 2 inches wide and can be made of cloth, nylon strap or leather. Pouches are rectangular and boxy with an angled flap. Pouches secure to belt through a continuous loop on the back of each pouch.

6. Helmet –
- Molded plastic or fiberglass helmet corresponding to the same colors as the armor
- Eyes - dark green flat lenses
- Shroud on helmet should be a medium to heavy weight vinyl ("marine" vinyl or similar). Shroud should extend to between the top of the chest plate and the bottom of the sloped section when trooper is standing upright. Shroud should also be contoured around the eyes on the helmet.
Snowtrooper guide S6
Snowtrooper guide S7
Snowtrooper guide S8

7. Pants - White / Off white pants required - Acceptable examples are karate gi pants, "Dockers" or Painter pants, and US Army Cold Weather over-pants. No pockets, zippers or buttons should be visible when trooper is standing at attention. Covering of these items by the cod and/or duster is acceptable.

Snowtrooper's should have the following:
(These are only recommendedired)

1. Straps on knee plates
2. Rivets in the sides of chestplate to secure backpack straps
3. Rivet / Dimple in the top of the helmet
4. Removal of laces and loops from boots
5. Blaster:
- E-11 (with or without holster)
- E-WEB Cannon
- Any acceptable Stormtrooper weapon

Snowtrooper's may have the following:
(These are optional)

1. Voice Amplifier Systems
2. Helmet Fans
3. White Holster for E-11 Blaster


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