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99th Garrison Event Guidelines

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99th Garrison Event Guidelines Empty 99th Garrison Event Guidelines

Post by Sharky on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 21:45

When attending events you must remember that you are specifically representing everyone in 99th Garrison and UK costuming groups in general and your actions whatever the intent can and will affect how other people see us. This applies to costumers, crew, casual helpers and children.

Please take some time to read through these guidelines so that you understand what is expected of you when representing 99th Garrison. Most of it should be common sense, we don't want to turn events into military operations but we do want them to be run with an acceptable level of organisation, personal discipline and self conrtol. We've tried to cover as much as possible but it is reasonable to say that we can't have a contingency for every eventuality out there but by working to these guidelines you will be prepared to handle most things.

Please note that these guidelines may change and be updated at anytime. Please check them regularly to ensure that you stay up to date.

Crew Members

A crew member is an out of costume member. They have several important responsabilities.

Assist with the kitting up/down of costumed members as required
Assist with field repairs and wardrobe malfunctions as required
Assist with photograph opportunities by positioning costumed members and public and by taking the photograph if required.
You are the eyes of our costumed members. Keep them safe from any trip hazards etc or from over excited members of the public. Ask people to step back if costumed members are getting crowded or move the troopers to a safer area.(spotting)
Escort costumed members too and from the trooping area to the changing area as required. Do not do this if it compromises the safety of the rest of the group by leaving them short handed. In cases like this you either all go together or you wait until their is sufficient cover.
Assist in charity collecting, handing out leaflets and promote the 99th. All these are very important in their own right, they should not be performed at the expense of your safety related duties.

If you are attending an event with the 99th and are not in costume you will be expected to help out with one or more of these duties. For example if you are involved with filming or photography then you may be asked by a senior officer to help out with spotting or other duties. Please look to complete these requests where possible - the safety of our members and the public comes ahead of everything else.

Please ensure that you take instructions only from your events officer or senior officer when at events. Sometimes our host may have special requests which may not be in the best interest of our members. If in doubt or you have any questions at an event please speak to an events officer or a senior officer.

Costumed members

Costumed members are the reason why the public have come to see us and why they are snapping away with their cameras and phones. This is important - you are nearly always on camera so act appropriately - the camera never lies.
Make yourself available for photographs wherever possible. Follow the instruction of your crew members
Stay close to crew members and do not wonder out of the trooping area without a crew member.
Keep and eye on blasters and lightsabers. Don't swing them around as its easy to hit someone or something.
Tread carefully. Vision restricting costumes mean that you can't always say people or objects right in front of you. If in doubt ask a crew member to guide you.
Stay in Character. Although you can exercise some artistic license it is a better experience for the public if you maintain the persona of the character that you are portraying. Sporadic lapses are unavoidable and the occassional dancing stormtrooper or softy darth vader are ok in the right environment. For the most part, keep it real and KEEP YOUR LIDS ON when in sight of the public. (unless health and safety dictate that you must remove them)
Take regular breaks. Breakes should be scheduled before an event but if you are feeling unwell then inform a crew member immediately.


Arrive at events in plenty of time to review the trooping areas and to get changed.
Listen to safety briefings carefully. In enclosed events ensure that you know the firedrill, exits and meeting points.
Inform the events officer and senior officers of any medical conditions that you think relevent. You may need additional breaks for example.
Always wear official 99th Crew wear. If crew wear is not available then you should wear black trousers and a black top. Please ensure that you look smart and presentable.
Always carry your 99th member cards when they become available
Always wear 99th shoulder decals when they become available. (costumed members only) You may be asked to cover any other groups logos or remove any crew wear that advertises other groups.
No smoking in trooping areas or whilst in costume - you need to set a good example for your younger fans and besides fire and plastic does not mix.
No alcohol to be consumed within the trooping area whilst in costume. Similarly if you arive at an event under the influence if alcohol you will be asked to leave the trooping area.
Failure to follow the instruction of a senior officer or if your actions put 99th Garrisons reputation, safety or the safety of the public at risk you may be asked to leave the trooping area and have your membership status reviewed.

Most importantly - Have fun. Trooping is an amazing experience and if you're not enjoying it then there is something wrong. If you have any questions please speak to a senior officer.

Thank you all for you continued support to 99th Garrison


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99th Garrison Event Guidelines Empty Re: 99th Garrison Event Guidelines

Post by Carstvo on Tue 21 Jan 2014, 22:53

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