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Boushh Clearance guidlines

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Boushh Clearance guidlines

Post by Guest on Wed 23 Jun 2010, 11:43


Boushh must have the following:

1. Helmet:
- made of fiberglass or plastic
- light brown, tan, pumpkin/brown color deer skin or leather covering on the snout
- two dark green visors - one at the eye level and one in the upper section
- very end of snout must have a silver colored rounded trapezoid shape with one black vertical "trench" and then two horizontal silver "trenches"
- non-snout part of helmet must be dark brown in color with silver greeblies adorning either side
- scope projection piece must be on the upper left side of helmet
- entire helmet must be weathered and contain silver scorched accents
- ribbed leather strap matching snout color across the lower back of the helmet
- 10 black vertical stripes on the back of the upper part of the helmet where it meets the leather on the back
- 1138 insignia in dark red on the right side of the helmet above the ear plate as shown in ROTJ

2. Armor:
- dark brown "collar" chest armor must be one piece and contain two tanks on the back
- the tanks are dark grey in color with the left tank being longer than the right tank
- tanks are attached to the back of the armor and have a small horizontal metal tubing adorning as well as maroon symbols (longer left tank has 11C7U/CPU symbol and the right tank has the upside down small 7/backwards 5 with a line above it/ll symbol)
- long silver trapezoid "commlink" in the center connects the lower left and right segments in the front

3. Bandolier:
- has horizontal waist/belt with a vertical diagonal strap attaching to main belt section
- made out of grey seatbelt material or parachute straps with a large black plastic clip to fasten it in the front
- silver/grey colored T-bit resin part at upper right shoulder
- 6 silver "bullets" in ammo belt links
- two silver/grey colored rectangular boxes with one large cylinder in between
- two large silver/grey colored cylinders located on left hand side of belt on the front
- must be weathered

4. Outer tunic:
- tan/beige in color
- "karate" style tunic with 2/3 length sleeves (sleeves go to just beyond elbows) and V-neck opening
- made out of tan/beige colored deerskin, sueded pig skin, micro-suede
- no buttons or any types of fastening devices are visible
- must be weathered

5. Inner shirt:
- dark brown in color with studded spiked backs of the hands
- long sleeved with mock turtleneck made out of dark brown deerskin, sueded pig skin, micro-suede
- sleeves extend to cover top of the palms with 5-2-1 placement of spiked metal studs

6. Cape:
- light beige in color
- half circle in shape
- made of herringbone or canvas material
- must be weathered

7. Pants:
- medium brown/camel/tan in color
- made from deerskin, sueded pig skin, leather
- seam above kneecap and below kneecap
- crinkle/pleated/gathered pattern across front below kneecap seam

8. Cummerbund:
- dark brown in color
- made from dyed nylon rope covered with sueded pig skin hide or aquarium tubing covered with brown micro-suede
- approximately 16-18 "ropes" in height
- fastens in back

9. Lower leg spats:
- boot height coming to middle of calf
- light beige in color
- made from deerskin sueded pig skin, leather
- each spat has a circular silver piece with a rectangular horizontal "stripe" at the ankle

10. Shoes:
- tan/beige in color
- worn under lower leg spats
- all details must be covered by spat
- slip on tennis shoes, ankle boots, boots

11. Gloves:
- worn under long sleeved dark brown undershirt
- Isotoner or similar plain camel color fleece lined gloves

12. Belt:
- medium colored brown leather
- plain grey/silver rectangular buckle
- worn on the outside of the cummerbund

Approved options
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Boushh should have the following:
(These are recommended, but not required)

1. Electrostaff

2. Thermal detonator

3. Wookiee leash, collar, and binders

4. Two horizontal strips of green blinking wire in top visor

5. Voice Amplifier


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