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TK Clearance guide (ANH stunt)

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TK Clearance guide (ANH stunt)

Post by Guest on Wed 23 Jun 2010, 10:25


* Made from ABS, HIPS, or fiberglass. Must be in proportion to what was seen in ANH. Accepted styles are the: FX/GT, ANH styles from AP, TE(2), SDS, RT, TM, and LAWS. Also accepted are fan sculpts that are similar in size and proportion. Armor must be white. The armor must be fitted to the wearer through trimming and shimming.

The body must consist of
* Boots. These must be white leather or leather like, above ankle, with a flat sole, with small U-shaped elastic sections on both sides of the ankle. Jodhpur-type boots or an equivalent style. No buckles or laces. Elvis or mariachi boots are not acceptable.
* Greaves (one with knee plate described below). Greaves should close in the back.
* Thighs that close in the back (and the right with an ammo belt described below).
* Ab plate. The ab plate also has a button area that matches the color pattern shown (3 blue + 6 gray). Buttons are approximately 7/16" in

* Kidney plate
* Butt plate
* Drop boxes, which dangle from the sides of the plastic front belt via white straps.
* Belt front, consisting of a correct plastic front (TK ammo belt).
* Belt made of canvas, canvas covered material, leather, or vinyl, 3 to 3.5” wide. The color must be white, or off-white.
* Chest piece
* Back plate.
* Shoulder straps. These must be securely mounted in front and may free float in back. They may be affixed with rivets, Velcro, or adhesive.
* Shoulder bells.
* Biceps, which must be fully closed
* Forearms, which must be fully closed
* Hand plates, that cover the back of the hands. Trapezoid shaped hand guards are required.
* Gloves. Must be black rubber, nomex, leather, or leather like. Enclosed fingered, non-textured, with no visible straps.
* An O2 canister (aka thermal detonator) must be present on the back attached to the belt. This is a gray cylinder 2-2.5 inches in diameter with white end caps with a white control pad affixed, facing outwards. It may be permanently affixed using fasteners or be clipped on.
* Ammo belt must be present on the right thigh.
* Correct trapezoid knee plate on the left greave (diamond knee plates or the absence of a knee plate is not acceptable).
* Black under suit, either one-piece or two-piece. Non-textured material.
* Black ribbed neck seal. The ribs should be horizontal, not be loose, and should extend from the base of the neck to the top of the adam's apple.
* Holster made of black leather or leather like material, worn on the left.

* Must be made out of fiberglass, ABS, or HIPS. It must be white. It must match proportionally to what was seen on screen.
Note: the FX helmet is considered to be inaccurate but is acceptable for 99th acceptance.
* Frown must be painted gray and not leave the teeth area. Eight total teeth on the frown are to be cut out.
* Traps and tears must be gray.
* Rear traps & tears must have vertical black lines.
* Blue tube stripes, matching what was used on screen - navy blue and black are not acceptable. There must be at least 9 and a maximum of 15. The curve must bend backwards. There does not need to be an equal amount per side.
* Lenses may be green or smoke, flat or bubbled. They should be dark enough that viewers cannot see the eyes behind them.
* Chin must be black.
* Ears have three or four bumps
* Mic tips must be present.

* Blastech E-11 Blaster Rifle. Must be based off of a real or replica Sterling, or a modified Hasbro toy Stormtrooper blaster.


* Shoulder straps should not be attached with rivets, and should free float in the back rather than being permanently attached.
* Armor side gaps should be closed. This should be done by adding a shim or shims of material that must be of similar material and color as the ab and back plate. Shims should fit flush and may have seams. Ideally they will be seamless if possible to the ab and/or back plate, resulting in a single seam between the ab/back rather than extra seams for where the shims are joined.
* O2 canister should be attached via metal clips approximately 1 inch wide, and should be all gray without silver stickers or silver paint.
* Drop boxes should be closed in back
* Hand guards should be latext or latext-like, painted white, affixed to rubber gloves in lieu of plastic hand guards
* Holster should be attached to the belt from behind instead with no loops covering the outside of the belt
* the holster will be affixed with two fasteners at the bottom. These may be rivets, snaps, or Chicago screws
* Rivets on the left side of the ab/kidney plates: a total of six rivets with three on the ab and three on the kidney plate, equally spaced out along the depth of the armour and about 10mm from the edge. They may be painted white, or not.
* Belt should be canvas or canvas covered instead of leather or vinyl.

* Correct hovi mike tips.
* Lenses should be flat green only.
* Ears should have three screws used per side, one above and below the ear bump and one at the base of the helmet
* Ears should have four bumps only instead of three

* Folding stock (does not need to function)
* Hengstler counter
* D-ring on the rear
* Correct style scope
* Two power cylinders on the magazine
* Scratch-built, resin cast, Hyperfirm rubber cast.
-- Total of 6 T-racks on blaster (leaving the lowest row on the Hengstler side un-covered)
* Hasbro blasters:
-- Total of 7 T-racks (if you cover all the original Hasbro rows of holes) or 6 T-racks (if you cover the original Hasbro "open row" of holes on the Hengstler side. Below this, you must grind off the original Hasbro lower T-rack and drill a new row of holes)
-- Hasbro blasters are discouraged but allowed
* No ESB/ROTJ greeblies on the blaster are allowed


* The cod may be separated from the rest of the ab plate, but this cut line should not be visible from the front
* Grappling hook and comlink (the grapling hook and comlink should be substituted as a set in place of the O2 cylinder, not worn in addition to it)

* An MG-34 is allowed but upgrading an MG-34 to DTL-19 is highly encouraged. A DL-19 is a MG-34 with T-racks on the barrel, ejection port cover added, small disk on left side added.

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